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  Here are the tips:
  • Many groomers use petting or a soft voice to try to calm the dogs. Some dogs can be aggressive in grooming situations because they're afraid. Dogs act aggressive in situations where they are confused or afraid, and a good groomer will make your aggressive dog feel comfortable before beginning to groom. Groomers make the dog feel at home by offering him treats and giving him love before getting down to the bath. Letting the owner help get the dog into the tub might help, if the owner is present. If not, groomers quickly lift the dog into the tub. Some groomers have a loop in the tub to restrain finicky dogs. Once in the tub, even aggressive dogs should allow a groomer to wash and shampoo them, though some might try to bite the water hose. Groomers move quickly and continue talking to the dog throughout the bath to keep the dog calm.
  • After the bath, groomers will towel dry a dog before moving her to the groom table. Groomers might cover an aggressive dog's face with a towel while moving the dog. Aggressive dogs are restrained with a loop and most groomers have muzzles on hand for the toughest dogs. Neither of these devices will hurt your dog. Both ensure your dog stays on the table during the groom for her own safety. Groomers move quickly to shear the dog and try to wait until the dog is still to avoid cutting her accidentally. Once the clippers are put away, the groomer might clip your dog's nails. By holding the foot away from the dog's body, the groomer is able to get a good shot at the nails while remaining out of reach of an aggressive dog's bite. Before ending the groom, groomers will usually calm aggressive dogs with more treats, pets and kind words.
Dog groomer Chris Chamberlin discusses how to groom sensitive dogs. His best summary of grooming is "Remember, you are teaching the dog to trust you and so long as you don't break that trust, grooming can and will become less stressful for you and your special needs pet."
  • Some owners might consider giving the dog a relaxation pill or using a spray like Rescue Remedy before grooms. Contact your veterinarian before giving your pet pills. The best groomers for the job are fast-moving, confident and have a love of all dogs. It's a groomer's job to understand that baths and haircuts are stressful on even the most well-behaved dogs and that every dog, even an aggressive one, has loyal and lovable traits too.

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Top 4 Dog Grooming Tips and products

We all want our dogs to look their best, but having them professionally groomed all the time is not financially feasible for everyone. Brent Lotz, veterinary assistant and dog groomer, gives the following top 4 dog grooming tips to help make your dog look like he just stepped out of the beauty parlor.

#1 – Baby Powder

Have tangles? Baby powder is your new best friend. Sprinkle it on your dog’s tangles and you will be able to comb them out a lot easier. Plus, your dog will smell good. dg1 61MUlWA3vIL._SL1098_

#2 – Flea Combs Aren’t Just For Fleas

For dogs with longer hair on their faces, like Shih Tzus, Schanuzers, and most doodles, a flea comb works great to detangle without causing pain or discomfort. dg2 41FGpCOs7wL

#3 – Trim The Paws

Trimming the hair around and in between your dog’s pads has many positives: it’s easier to wipe them clean after being outside; they don’t get things such as burrs or thistles caught as easily. Your dog will also have better traction on slippery floors without the hair getting in the way of their pads.
Image source: @TonyAlter via Flickr
Image source: @TonyAlter via Flickr

#4 – Use Appropriate Brushes

Make sure you use the right brush for your dog’s coat type:
  • For short-hair breeds, like Labs, use a Furminator short toothed comb and a curry comb (useful for bathing).
  • For medium-length breeds with undercoat, like the Husky, use a double or single rake to reach the dead undercoat. Dematting combs and slicker brushes can also be useful.
  • For Doodle-type dogs, use a pin brush and a slicker or straight comb.
  • For long-haired breeds like Shelties, Maltese, etc., use a double rake, straight comb and/or slicker depending on if they have an undercoat or not.
  • For wire-haired breeds like the Brussels Griffon, use a slicker brush, wide-toothed flea comb (for the face). Dematting and straight combs can be handy too.
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How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

There’s no sweeter time than winter to snuggle in a warm bed, and that’s true for our dogs as well. Actually, since dogs spend more time sleeping — after all, few have to worry about getting to work or paying the bills — there’s a case to be made that cozy beds are even more important to dogs than they are to people. But while most people, at least in North America, still sleep on mattresses and boxsprings, the choices aren’t so simple for dogs. In fact, dog beds include options similar to those offered for people, from familiar brands such as Serta and Tempurpedic — possibly so people who don’t want to share their beds won’t feel guilty. When it comes to dog beds, though, choices that mimic human beds are only the beginning.How do you choose the best bed for your dog? It depends on the dog, of course. While he’s not able to speak up about his “sleep number” or his fondness for firm over plush, you can get an idea of what will suit your pooch best by evaluating his size, age and habits. Think also about what you need from a dog bed and how much you are willing and able to spend, and you’ll be able to come up with the perfect pick.And that’s important, because even if you share your bed with your dog, there will be times when you don’t want to. If your pet has a great bed of his own, banishment won’t be so bad for either of you.

Dog in Dog Bed

Clean House Rules

The selections in dog beds are really mind-boggling, and a scan of a trade show floor, such as at the massive Global Pet Expo, will reveal sizes, shapes and styles to fit every dog — and every décor as well. But the most important element to any dog bed can be summed up in a single word: washable. To control odors, dirt and fleas, you absolutely must be able to wash your pet’s bed, or at least its cover, regularly (weekly or twice a month is probably ideal). Many beds for smaller dogs can go right in today’s front-load washers, which have no center agitator to get in the way. Beds for larger dogs — and certainly for giant dogs — may not fit in home machines, and the trouble and cost of using commercial ones at your neighborhood laundromat mean less-frequent washing — or no washing at all.

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The best dog bed review to start of with

When you are thinking of buying dog beds for your dog, you should go through different dog bed review.

Photo Credit: diveofficer via Compfight cc

Apart from these reviews you should also have to consider certain important things. What will be your budget for the dog bed? Will you go for washable dog beds or a waterproof dog bed? Will you use it for indoor purpose or for both indoor and outdoor? Like these and many more confusions comes to your mind when you decide to buy a product which will be very much beneficial either for you or for your dog. So to assist you and to guide you, we have given certain dog bed review along with different models of best dog beds, with varying price ranges, so that you can get a clear idea about those different dog beds, which will definitely help you to choose the best one.

We have split our search into four different categories.

The first one is about washable dog beds. The dogs are notoriously messy creatures. Sometimes they rolled over mud water; sometimes jump over to wastes outside and so on. For that reason you need to clean the bed almost every day. In such case, the discussions made by us regarding washable dog beds will help you to get a proper solution.

The next one is about cozy cave dog bed.

There are certain dog which likes to sleep in a cool and calm environment. This type of bed allows them to sleep in a slightly hidden condition. Having switched on the lights in your room, this type of beds allows your dog to fell asleep in darkness. The offerings made by us about these types of beds will hopefully benefit you.

After that comes raised dog bed.

Most of the time it is found that dogs jump on to a chair or bed, as it feels quiet comfortable sleeping in high places. Keeping in mind about this nature of a dog, our discussions about the above said dog bed will help you to choose the best one you are looking for.

We have also focused on a well known brand, kuranda dog bed.

This brand is making dog beds for many years and offers high quality beds for dogs even in really affordable prices. This brand comes up with lots beneficial features and so it is highly acceptable to most of the dog lovers and dog owners. It satisfies the needs of all types of dogs.

Therefore we have listed out some of the best models from this brand which will surely provide benefits to you.

Dog beds are used not only for indoor purposes but also for outdoor purposes. For that reason they need to be equipped with certain special features. All the different models of dog beds discussed by us, consists of unique features and benefits and we feel that we are quite successful in providing you with dog bed review.