5 videos on Grooming Guide for your DOG

In this video you will find Professional groomer Joanne Beddoe takes you from start to finish grooming a pet Lhasa Apso in her Salon.

Grooming a dog with a double coat needs a specific technique to keep it healthy and in good condition. European champion dog groomer Jitka Krizova demonstrates how it's done on Rio the Siberian Husky. The same technique works on breeds with similar coats including German Shepherd dogs, Akita, Alaskan Malamute and Shiba Inu.

The video owner shows how to groom Bear, the Maltese dog at home! She has started with a nice bath and then move onto the haircut. Tools she use are listed below.

This video shows 101  Basic Dog Grooming tips.

Frankie came into the San Jose Animal Care Center on October 31, 2014 that was severely matted, painful and soaked urine. The medical staff at the shelter immediately sedated Frankie and groomed him to make him more comfortable as well as evaluate the condition of his skin, since matted dogs tend to have skin infections. He ultimately found his forever home!

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